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Properly sizing your rivet is very important and knowing the correct size not only makes ordering easier, but is also essential for doing the job right. In order to get the sizing right, you can use a rivet gage. We can get you your own gage, or you can print one for yourself using the pdf file viewer below.

Be sure to follow the instructions on the PDF to print the sheet correctly.



Once you have your sizing card, using it is simple. The first step is to measure the hole size of the rivet. Holding onto the mandrel end, insert the thicker shorter body end of the rivet into the holes along the bottom of your gage till you find the hole that fits the rivet best. This will give you a proper diameter size.

Next, you will take the body of the rivet and slide it into the slots along the top of the card until you find the slot that fits your rivet the best. This will give you the proper length of your rivet.

Never measure a rivet with a ruler. You will not get the right length!!